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Integrated Human Studies (IHS) brings together the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities to focus on the nature and future of humankind.

Through a new approach to tertiary education, IHS aims to give tomorrow's decision-makers broad understandings to complement their special areas of study.

In a world of change and challenge, opportunity and uncertainty, we aim to develop students as educated citizens able to live in, influence, and affect society.

Taking a graduate course in IHS will equip you with skills suitable for the workplace and will, perhaps more importantly, enable you to think critically about yourself and your place in the world.

Undergraduate units Humanity in the 21st Century (IHST1110) and Human Action for World Futures (IHST1111) are available for enrolment in 2011.  Call our office for more details.

We want you to be curious and questioning about human origins and human histories and to develop a concern for safeguarding the future for humankind.

Centre for Integrated Human Studies
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